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Plastic Garbage Islands Myth or truth 14th of April 2016 ZLGY 3714 ************************************************** Kotolwane Nthabiseng 2011150907 & Slindo Nkabinde 2010060461 Plastic Garbage Islands Water is a common source of our lives, 70% of water covers the Earth as the Sea. They are about five oceans that surround the earth, namely: Artic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific and Southern. Oceans and water generally form habitat of many marine animals and for our sake, they produce about half of the oxygen in the atmosphere. Unfortunately our oceans are in danger, especially Pacific Ocean which is treated as a garbage dump. They are about five garbage patches in the world and Pacific garbage patch is the largest of them. This causes pollution in the oceans and has harmful effects on marine life. (Grant, R, 2009) Plastic islands were first discovered in 1997 by…show more content…
Plastic Garbage Islands: Myth Pollution is an issue that exists; there are several types of pollution, plastic pollution which is the main topic. However there are several misconceptions and exaggeration about the Pacific garbage patch. Here are some of the myths about the patch: • There are floating islands of plastics in every ocean: most of the plastic found at the ocean, are not a huge dump like a mountain but rather are dispersed throughout the surface in small quantities. • Ocean trash gyres, large areas of the ocean where currents concentrate trash, can simply be cleaned out of existence: Only a small percentage of total ocean plastics inputs rest at the surface. And the rest is either blown by wind, or dispersed on the ocean eaten by animals. But there is no system of removing the plastic yet. • trash vortex: ocean gyre exists every part of the five oceans, the gyre cannot be the reason for the trash patch at the Pacific

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