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Although the population in India is extremely large and still growing, no government has been able to formulate a population control method to decrease the population growth enough to meet their goals. Their population growth now is 1.6 percent a year, with a high of 2.3 percent in the 1970 's. The population increase was slowed in the 70 's because of aggressive Sterilization policies that mainly targeted men, but at the same time as lowering population growth, it created a negative view on family control ever since. It is estimated that India will be worlds most populated country with over 2 billion people this decade unless population control is drastically improved. With a population of nearly 1.25 billion today that would be a massive growth which is not good for a developing country. Even though the Indian government has made some progress on population control, they still have a long way to go. Most of the strategies they have tried have failed, and only a few have succeeded, but still, the government needs to find new and better ways to control the population.
India was the first country to introduce or even consider population control. One of the people who first brought up population control in mainstream media is a man named Rughunath Dhondo Karve who published a magazine starting from 1927 to 1953. In the magazine he often wrote about social issues, including population increase and how it should be controlled by the government with contraceptives and

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