Positive Body Image Essay

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Building Positive Body Image Movie stars and our favorite singers have videos and songs all over the media portraying different ways the body should be shaped and framed. Although the media can bring enjoyment and fun filled laughter, it can also bring the interpretation on how a person should and should not look, media takes a toll on a person's appearance in this case a person's body image. Because the media plays a big toll on how we spend our daily lives, it should give positive reinforcement on body image. Putting in the videos women of many sizes instead of illustrating women of the same size, many teens change and shape their body image based on what the media portrays. Body image is the subjective picture or mental image of one’s own body, body image can lead to a negative or a positive outlook on a person’s appearance of themselves (Rice). Although people may think that body image is what others think of themselves it is simply an individual's thoughts, feelings, sensations, and behavior towards their own body. Many teen girls who…show more content…
To address the problems of body image, cosmetic surgery is a process that many people take in order to change their image. The effects of this makes people feel better about themselves, not in a positive way, buy the outcome is very negative. Although people go through with cosmetic surgery to enhance their beauty it not only shows how women are not accepting themselves, but also how low their self esteem about their own body image is. Cosmetic surgery does not promote positive body image it advocates negative body image because cosmetic surgery shows people that how they are now is not acceptable. Changing how a person looks to themselves or others through cosmetic surgery has to stop in order for positive body image to rise over negative body
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