Speech On Privacy And Privacy

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Surveillance and privacy Surveillance and privacy are two terms that don’t match so much. Nowadays our society is made up of people who are fond of showing themselves off in any occasion, in a gamut of ways, from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, the most recent Instagram, to wearing nothing at all in order to look amazingly cool and “way-to-go people”. I’m not buttoned-down, absolutely, and I don’t want people to bundle themselves up. It’s no use. People have the right to dress as they want. It’s just a matter of outlooks. Apart from this, are we really safe and sound sharing our personal lives through these means of communication? How would you feel if someone spied on you or, even better, eavesdropped on your calls? The increasing technology in our day-to-day life has made possible an invasion of our privacy. You are wondering, in which way? Well, it’s not that difficult. Just turn on your pc and someone or something is going to keep track of your movements, just on the net of course. Our laptops have an IP address in them, our online ID card. Yea, instead of your name and surname we are just a number on the world wide web. This IP address works in this way. You are A, and you A are assigned a number, your address. To go on a web site, you need a way and a key. The way will be supplied by an external address and the key will be the combination between our key and the other part’s key. It’s not that simple to explain, but more or less it works just like
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