Speech On Racism In History

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America’s original sin is well illustrated throughout history and it is still evident nowadays. Being able to recognize racism and being able to stop it, is a gift given to you. Nevertheless, we often say that we know the beginning of racism and that we can provide examples of people, African Americans, to prove our knowledge in the topic. I presumed that I was conversant about the contribution of African Americans in America. My AP. English teacher showed me that I was mistaken. A few weeks ago, he read a list of the 100 most prominent African Americans in history. I have never been so ashamed of myself than in that instant when I couldn 't even recognize 5.

Racism gives reality a 180-degree change. It wakes of people from the fantasy of a perfect America into the reality of America. “Black History Month” enlighten us and show us how several astonishing African Americans had to stand up and speak for their rights and show that segregation does not mean equality. Furthermore, when we reminisce about important African Americans, the first names that pop out of our brains are Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks. For a vast number of people, this may be their reality. The reason is that in our lives, we only give importance to those that people know the greatest. It is uncommon when we hear the name John Punch, the first legally documented slave in the U.S.A. Saying this, I aspire to illustrate how little Americans know the roots of racism.

There is an example of
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