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Ragging is one of the most discomforting issues India has been facing for quite some time. It has become more of a rule than an exception in a number of educational institutions throughout the country, leading to a lot of lives being destroyed and young people being rendered helpless. The aftermath being many, some develop mental disorders, some attempt to end their lives while many others are murdered by the force of ragging. There are many other unearthed stories where students have suffered endlessly and who haven’t had the courage to stand up and speak against such heinous activities.
Ragging, Hazing, Fagging, Bullying, Pledging, Horse-playing etc. are different terms used in different parts of the world but each signifying the same old practice of welcoming the fresher in a barbaric manner. Although ragging has become a part of the Indian educational system, it surprisingly has a foreign origin. This phenomenon can be traced back to as early as 7th or 8th century A.D. In Greek culture, new entrants to the sport community were subjected to all kinds of humiliations and teasing to inculcate a team spirit in them. Gradually with the passage of time this technique was subjected to myriad
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Though it existed in the Army and English public schools much before the country 's independence, it became conspicuous only after independence. Ragging then meant seniors mocking and jesting at juniors. Till the late 60 's ragging was never a serious problem in India as it was relatively in a much milder form, primarily because higher education was confined to some particular sect of the society and hence ragging was confined only to a part of the civilized community of this country. Gradually as the higher education became more and more accessible to different communities, ragging became a soft weapon to settle the animosity between students of different castes, communities and religion
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