Speech On Rape In Society

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Rape is one of the big problem in the society. According to the world statistics, there are more than 250,000 cases of rape from all around the world. Thailand is in top 10 countries with the highest rape rate. Look back to last 2 years, there was the unfortunate girl who was raped and killed. From this situation, it made people think highly of the punishment of rape. Then, there was the train of thought about rape should be punished by the death penalty. Some of people were believed that the death punishment is the effective punishment, but some do not believe this kind of punishment because it is cruelty. Even though the death penalty is the most severe punishment but it is not the best solution of the legal punishment. In each year, there are lots of rape case in our society. Most of people may think that the death penalty can decrease the crime rates in the society because the death penalty is the way to prevent people from being the criminal. It is like the proverb which said, drawing a tiger to scare the…show more content…
The innocent people should not be treated with this. If the police can prove that they were guiltless after the death penalty, we cannot take his life back. It does not fair for the innocent people. Sometimes, the process of jurisdiction is not fair. This problem always happens with the poor. In the society, there are a lot of the hierarchy status which are one of the factor that lead to the in quality in the society. Another thing that can help the offender from the charge is money. The criminal just uses the money to be the tool for escape themselves from the imprisonment. Occasionally, the innocent people were became the scapegoat because of the wrong confession. Next thing, the unfair investigation process can be one factor that forces the defendant to accept the charge. Sometimes, the judgers are judge people unfairly because of many reasons such as some of the benefits, tea money and
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