The Positive And Negative Effects Of Plastic Pollution

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Plastics are organic polymers with high molecular mass and they contain substances such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine and sulfur and they are mostly derived from petrochemicals. Due to their low cost of production, they are used in an enormous range of products. For example, America manufactures 30 billion plastic bottles each year. [2] Prominence to produce more plastics is associated with plastics being consumed in high levels. However, it is not easy to degrade in the nature that plastic pollution can fill the lands and hugely affects the oceans and everybody is affected by that pollutant in some way. In addition, the increasing price of the petroleum prices to manufacture plastics creates a demand to search for durable…show more content…
There are several types of recycling wastes such as material recycling, thermal recycling and chemical recycling .However the chemical recycling is the most desirable one due to the effect of the process that it converts to their monomers to be reused .Sub and supercritical fluids are best for the reaction for de-polymerization to its monomers .[1]Water and alcohol can be used as a sub and supercritical fluids for rapid decomposition reaction without any catalyst .By this reaction, composite plastics are decomposed into smaller components. Condensation polymerization polymers such as PET were monomerazied by solvolysis as a nucleophilic substitution in supercritical water or alcohol as a medium solvent and reactant. In hydrolysis of condensation plastics, water or alcohol is a reactant and transformed into product molecules .Water or Alcohol as a supercritical fluid was efficient for de-crosslinking to recycle crosslinked polyethylene without de-polymerization of the polymers.
Production of Biodegradable Plastic by using agricultural waste material
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Both ways are described and both ways have advantages and this advantages .However, production of PHB to manufacture biodegradable plastics is a better way to solve the pollution problem by cheaply available agro-residues as cane bagasse rather than recycling .By using the agricultural waste material, it reduces the cost of the plastics and significantly diminishes the pollution problems by conventional plastics and solving disposal problems of agricultural

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