Speech On Recycling

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Through out our life time we have heard the word recycle we have all done something based at this social action, but truly do we share the importance of it. Is it helpful to our environment or is scam so the products provided to the population would be a worse quality? But now we shall find out by our own interest and desire to discover the real importance and truth behind recycling. In my perspective yes, it is helpful to our planet earth and its living beings. But let’s see if this method for our planet truly does work.
Recycling wasn’t so very practical practice back then in the 18 th century why is this so certain simple fact that was the time the industrial age took flight at Europe but specifically in British colonies. But mankind gave no thought over the concept of recycling in that time of those early ages there was no need for that because earth would stay in optimal condition. Seeing the investments where all towards industries mankind competed nations against nations who would create more economy who would be the nation above all. Yes, it is a truly big step of advancement, but did it help our world did make it a better place for the future generations yet to come who will be the future of our times. Did the fossil fuels that where rapidly burned and exposed to the ozone layer is it affecting us till this day, has the industrial age from those early times truly made it a better tomorrow for the 21th century. Will it be too
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