Speech On River Pollution

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SPEECH THEME 3 : ENVIRONMENT TITLE : AT THE WORLD ENDS A very good morning to our beloved lecturer, Pn Normawar bt Ahmad Marzuki and trainee teachers. First of all, I want to thank for giving this golden opportunity. In this beautiful morning, I would like to give a speech on title ‘At The World Ends’. This title refers to pollution. Pollution is an issue of concern in the modern world that we live in today. There are many types of pollution, namely air, water and noise. Pollution in our environment will undoubtedly affect our quality of life. Our beautiful world becoming ugly because it is suffering from the effects of environmental pollution. Moreover, river pollution has become one of serious issues in last few years. Rivers is one of the main source of clean water. Water is the most important natural resource for life. Furthermore, human being needs water not only for drinking but also for cooking, washing, irrigation and fishing. People have been abusing and misusing water since long. There are many factors which cause river contamination and there are also many effects of river contamination to us. Let me to tell you further about the causes and effects of river pollution. First, disposing industrial wastes into rivers by irresponsible people is a factor which causes river pollution. Industrial wastes are especially harmful and they are containing large amount of toxic chemicals. When illegally disposed industrial wastes into rivers, it causes a heavy pollution to
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