Short Essay On Road Safety

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Road safety is everyone's utmost desire anytime you are behind the wheel and even for the passenger, nobody wants to loss his or her life on the road due to road traffic accident.Recently I lost one of the vibrant member of my association to road accident,it was a great loss to the association and the most painful aspect of it was that the cause of the accident was due to human error which could have been averted.

This is the case of many road accident that has occurred on our roads in which it would not have happened if road safety precautions were observed to the letter.

NOTE : Whenever you are on the road ,for the safety of your life, the life of passenger you are carrying and other road users , ensure you obey all road traffic rules, they are
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I was actually learning how to drive manual,on that day I carried my friend and he was sitting beside me and we were jisting,before I knew it my attention was divided and as i look to check the car in front of me I was very close and has I matched the brake and before my car could stop i hit the car.Many things can distract you such as your phone,very loud music,passengers etc.


When you are on the road and you see road signs about the speed limit for example 50km/h ,don't exceed the limit even if you see other car drivers running faster than the speed limit,don't join them but maintain the speed limit,the sign you see on the road is for a reason,it could be because of animal crossing ,or sharp bend etc.Obey this speed limit and safe your life from road accident .


- The faster the car on the road,the longer it will take for the car to come under your control when you apply break which can cause

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