The Pros And Cons Of Rodo Animals

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The world of a rodeo animal is said to be bad, but really is not all bad. Yes, I understand that it is not all good. There are some bad apples in every tree. Some people would say that we made them mean and mad to get a good show, but really we don’t. Like “bunking horses are just horse that love to buck, they come from racetrack, feed lots, ranches, and just about everything equine.” So, how do we “breed” them to buck if they do it because they loved to do it we just take what they love to do and put it to use? PETA wants to say that the spurs cut and injure the horses, but the reality is that all most of them are not sharp. Yes, they wear them but not to hurt the animal. I wear spurs when I do my barrel racing but that does me I have to use…show more content…
They have to be at their peak health to perform at their peak ability. The cattle brake for the box faster when they feel good. It’s the same for the horses and cows.” Most of the people that come to watch the rodeo today are city slickers there are fewer and fewer county folks coming out and watching. So they would what happens and might miss understand that is going on. They are not raised around this kind of life this is new and a good show to them. But to us this is a way of life we raise the animal we want them to do good because we also get money off the stock the more riders the more money the stock owners get. So we want them to preform good so people will come ride them. If the animals do not look right some rodeos will not let them compete and then the rides and stock owner’s lose money. Some of the owner’s pay a lot of money to put good feed in the cow, and horse in ether rough stock or the horses that is for like roping and barrel racing to make sure they are there “A” game. The horses in ether barrel racing or roping if they are not really to perform all you are doing are being is money pit. The animal and the rider have to be a good team, but if you think you can do it all by yourself that is not it you need a good horse. The horses most want to do it or they will not perform right. If they hated whatever you are doing they will fight you ever step of the way. You do not was to run and fun the horses because they will become burn-out and then you are out of the game called rodeo because if you do not have a right horse you do not need to
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