Speech On Role Of A Teacher

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Role of teachers besides teaching
Teachers in this present world are the most vital people in the society. The development of the growing youth falls in the hand of the teacher. Teacher’s task now is not only to teach students within the four walls of their class room, they also need to consistently look at the development of their students and develop activates such as game and sport in order to help the child grow mentally and physically. As quoted by Eva Amurri “A good teacher who can take the zero pay and help kids develop physically, emotionally, socially, is literally an angel”. There are many task of teachers other than teaching such as understanding class room dynamics, developing interpersonal skills and teaching styles, evaluating students performance, needs to enforce discipline, helping mentally challenged and physically handicapped, communicate with the parents, adjusting the multiple roles and initiate to preservation of our culture and traditions.
Being a role model and a guide for future generations, teacher’s needs to render their service to the students by organizing activates such as games and sport so that the students get time to refresh their mind. It will also help the student to be mentally sound and physically fit.it will increase their interest in the class and they will respond to the teacher and actively.
The teachers also need to understand the class room dynamics. It can be done by analyzing the attitudes that influences class room

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