Speech On Role Of Women In Islam

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Islam is the religion of peace, love and sympathy and it wants its women and men to be living according to it.
Islamic woman is the Role Model for all other non-Islamic women. She not only accepts Islam but also practices all its teachings. She fulfills all her obligations i.e. prayer, fasting, charity, good deeds etc.
Simply, she DOES what Islam says and LOOKS how Islam says.
WOMEN in ISLAM are modest and respectful. She talks in a low voice and choose her words beautifully. That is women in Islam. –Aisha Arslan, Saudi Woman.
1.Khadija b. Khuwaylid:
She was a great Muslim woman even before marrying to the Prophet (P.B..U.H). She was a successful merchant and elite figures of Mecca.
As the Prophet Muhammad himself is believed to have said in a hadith preserved in Sahih Muslim: “God Almighty never granted me anyone better in this life than her.
2.Nusayba b. Ka‘b al-Ansariyya:
Also known as Umm ‘Ammara, she was a member of the Banū Najjār tribe and one of the earliest converts to Islam in Medina. She is most remembered, however, for taking part in the Battle of Uhud (625), in which she carried sword and shield and fought against the Meccans. She shielded the Prophet Muhammad from enemies during the battle and even sustained several lance wounds and arrows as she cast herself in front of him to protect him. It is said that after she sustained her twelfth wound, she fell unconscious and the first question she asked when she awoke

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