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Have you ever wondered is there a best group in the rainforest? Well, there's certainly been, In my opinion the rubber tapper is the best because they never cut down a single tree and plus they only find the natural rubber tree so they won't harm anyone or the rain forest. While the other group such as: loggers, settlers, cattle ranchers.... is destroying the rainforest by cutting down trees and burning them for land.

In the first place will go to rubber tapper! Because rubber tapper never cuts down a single tree. Since 17th century when they came in the forest, never cut down a trees but they made friends with the Native Amazonian and find natural trees to tap from it. Secondly they use a sustainable natural resource from the rubber tree example they find natural rubber tree and they tab it for rubber but they didn't kill the tree so it's a win situation for everyone. Lastly the rubber or latex from the rubber trees can be seller and we can
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Firstly, they are third people who protects the forest aside from rubber tappers and native Amazonian, they go and plants more trees and when they see other people cutting down trees, they go and stop them immediately even if it risk their life. Secondly they go and tell people around the world to stop cutting down trees and telling them facts if you do them like the consequences, so people can learn more about deforestation in Brazil and all around the world. They make tours so people can see the true beauty of nature and advertise them to not cut down trees because when we cut down trees we will lose the beauty. Now the cons. Firstly the environmental group can be making money out of nature like secretly working with the loggers and cut down trees. Secondly the environmental group might be doing bad stuff behind the world like pretending to other group and faking to save the forest so people can donate to them and earn
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