Speech On Self Defence

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Self-Defence a Cure or a Weapon “Did you know that more than 160,000 kids stay home from school each day to avoid being bullied”, and 41% of them are bullied physically. “Now that is not a way to get an education “. Some parents wonder if they should teach their kids self-defense. Self-defense should be important for these three reasons: Bullies learn that victims won 't stand for it, principals can change their rules so both parties don 't get in trouble, and the bullies won 't be able to get away with it because of the zero tolerance . Bullies are usually by themselves, always going after the one kid that looks the weakest. Being the weakest doesn 't always mean physically, it can also mean emotionally. A student can be singled out by a bully even for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes a bully will have a group of friends with them, that way the bully can feel like the popular one in the group. Popular or not the bully always has to have the last word at the end of the fight, just to make sure that everyone knows they won and you might be next if you ever get in there way. Victims and Parents want change Some parents are tired of there kids get beat up so they are taking matters into their own hands. Some of the victims are starting to take self defense classes so they can stand up to the bullies. In some states they are trying to pass a self defense bill, because the victims should be able to fight back without living in fear of getting
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