Graduation Speech: The Future In The Future

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The clock will still tick. For many people, the future seems scary since you never know what will happen out in the world. Today I am going to tell you that even with the challenges and roadblocks we face, the future is not as scary as we might think. In these following paragraphs, I will talk about how in the future we will have the ability to make self-driving vehicles, Africa self-sufficient, renewable energy cost less than non-renewable energy, and even make a drug that can help people with autism.
Given our advances in technology, we are very close to achieving something that could change the way we interpret automobiles as a whole. Enter self-driving cars. Today there are about 1.4 billion cars on the road every day many of those cars,
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It helps reduce the intake of fossil fuels and does less damage to our planet. Thankfully, that will be the future. According to Business Insider, “the United Nations found that within nine years renewable energy will be globally cheaper than fossil fuels”. When this happens, more people will switch to renewable energy since it costs less. Although, this means places such as India and some nations of Africa will be a little slower since they do not have the same capabilities as Canada. That is, however, alright since, the U.N could help them go green after they have gone green. However, this also means places such as Australia and Europe will have no trouble going green. Though the most difficult country to deal with currently is, surprisingly, America! This is since the current American president is working to dismantle current green-energy policies. Another difficult situation with America is the fact its own Environmental Protection Agency administrator says that climate change is not an issue to be worried about. Thankfully, we have the U.N and with them, we have a 99% chance of getting America on board with the green plan. So, the entire world might be green by the next 9
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