Boosting Self Esteem Analysis

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esteem Boosting your Self Esteem {part 1} BY: IRIAEVHO PRECIOUS A man’s strength can indirectly be linked to how well and high he values himself. Overtime it has been well proven that wealth and even the good things in life comes secondary to a man who has taken primary concern in his present self working in tandem with Godliness. If you are struggling with low self esteem, then it is not a lost battle because you can boost self esteem and improve self confidence, by practising some things that you have momentarily taken as less important. I am not trying to portray a perfect personality for myself, but since experience is the best teacher, permit me write from my personal experiences. You can even discover your own boosts from experience by giving it time. There are many things you can start…show more content…
But in the real light, they are pissed that they can never be like you neither can they do all the things you can do. Some people criticise out of sheer jealousy, the more reason why you need to be wise in your actions so you will not play into there hands. Most time, critics are teachers, learn the best and ditch the worst. Exercising helps boosting self esteem , your mood, body image and improve self confidence. It is really important to choose an exercise you enjoy doing, instead of forcing yourself to do what you were told was better. Choose doing what you like , make it fun and enjoyable. Give your self treats and set landmarks. Wear clothes that make you happy and gives you face a glow, do make up because it suits you and trying to fashion yourself after some other celebrity role model. I have spent time with myself. My body is light, flexible and I feel a lot of energy. I exercise frequently, if cannot run outside, I go to the gym or i just jump round the room, taking breaks to do push ups and pull up from the door post, quite ingenious. Just be yourself.
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