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Now let’s talk about stress Self-injurers In the United States, it’s estimated that millions of youth deliberately hurt themselves by various means, such as burning, bruising or cutting themselves. Experts say the reason they do it “is because they want to end their pain, not their lives.” Why are these youth deliberately hurting themselves? This is a serious and dangerous situation that these youth are facing. When injuring themselves they use razors, knives, scissors, and anything that they can put their hands on. Many sufferers have carried the practice of self-injury into adulthood. Those who develop such a disorder may have come from troubled families; others from happy and stable homes. Some of them are dropping out of school, and others are excelling as students. Sometimes it’s hard for parents and teachers to detect such a disorder because the sufferers give little if any indication that they have a stress problem, especially for those who give the impression that they are full of life, or life is good; they don’t always show it on the outside. In (Proverbs 14:13): the Bible states that "even in laughter, the heart may be in pain." So what does the severity of self-injury really tell us? Well, from my understanding, it tells us that it doesn’t have the same effect on every sufferer; it differs from one person to the next. Experts found out that some youth cut themselves only once a year, while others do it at least twice a day. Nowadays, more males are cutting

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