Essay On Respect For Yourself

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Respect is a very powerful word and way of life. It is to regard others feelings or beliefs. To many, its applying kind words, saying please and thank you, but to others it may be taking into the process of carefully thinking about something of other people's thoughts, opinions, and property. I believe you should respect all things and people, even if you disagree with it. However, I say that having respect for yourself is Respect is taught, humans were not born with it. From your time in the cradle til now, your parents have taught you to be respectful. You may have had siblings or other children around you that you didn’t get along with, but now you’ve grown up and you see things differently. As a young person, you don’t understand or think of having such well manners, but now as you grow, we know how we should treat and are being treated by others. Though, it can be frustrating to give respect and not receive it back can cause some controversy. Personally, we must refrain from remitting the…show more content…
If you don't have self respect, you don't have much in life. Having respect for yourself means to treat yourself kindly, stand up for yourself, and care about your future. Self respect is very important because you have the ability to be proud of you who are, and believe that you have value as a human being. Being your own person and being happy with what you do as long as it's safe then you should feel satisfied with your life. I believe that people get down on themselves more, and have very little motivation and ambition when they don't accomplish anything on a daily basis. As long as an individual has ambition, they will move themselves up on the step ladder of life. You know the difference between right and wrong, and as long as you do what's right, you should never feel down on yourself no matter what anyone else thinks because they aren't you and it's not their life. As long as you're happy, everything will be
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