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Silence Hurts Renowned author Dave Pelzer once said “Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun: not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.” Child abuse happens every day, yet it still remains silent. Children are supposed to have good memories of their lives, remembering the good things that they have experienced. Parents are careless to think that what they do to their child/children does not change their total lives. The world has overlooked this problem, yet they do not understand that this problem causes many other problems that negatively change the world. Children slowly fade away due to the words and actions of their “parents.” The society of today is immune to this major dilemma. Physical abuse is the most…show more content…
Parents so easily reject their children without them realizing it. When a child has to deal with his/her parent excluding them, the child obviously feels no love from the parent (“Child Neglect”). Parents will blame their child for little things that do not even the slightest bit relate to something that the child has done (“Child Neglect”). The child will never come to know a safe environment if the parent is always bringing his/her self esteem down. Parents hurt their children with hateful words that make them feel worthless to the world. Results from emotional abuse come easily to a child. One may have an eating disorder because the thought of going home to nothing on the table is fearful unto the conscience (“Child Neglect”). To think that parents would actually not give their children food because they do not meet a certain requirement or just out of plain cruelty is terrible. Parents never realize when their schedule becomes too busy. Lack of attention will cause one to show out when in front of other people (“Child Neglect”). Some signs from emotional abuse will still go unnoticed because the hurt is on the inside of the child. Drowsiness and depression are both causes of emotional abuse. Kids will slowly start to have emotional issues within themselves from the neglect of their

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