Becoming A Single Mom Analysis

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Single mama chronicles
I was raised by a single mom. She did a pretty good job doing so (I think). I mean I follow traffic lights and all. But the craziest of thing happened - it turns out I’d be one, too. I am one. In my case, the process endured to becoming a single mom was, let’s just say, not a very pleasant one. Drama, drama, drama. I’m guessing I’m not the only one.
The good thing about us, people, is that at some point, we eventually feel this utmost, profound exhaustion in a damaged relationship that we never want to look back. Ever. We just want to move forward. So, after tears have been shed, after I was forced to lie in the bed I made, I just finally accepted it.
It’s not ideal for me, in all honesty. I mean my 14-year-old self
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Because who wants to struggle, right? We all want to be comfortable and happy. Although that’s just the thing - it’s hard to experience profound joy and comfort if you didn’t really work hard for it. So I say bring it on.
The daily life of many single moms involves waking up in the morning and doing lots of begging and convincing (please eat your breakfast, please take a shower, please get dressed, etc). Of course, there’s not another parental authority to make my case more solid so I have to be more assertive since mornings are usually intensely packed with tantrums and the constant no’s.
Coffee is ideal but drinking it in peace while ruminating about life is luxury most single moms, or even all the moms out there, cannot afford. I walk my kid to school and the time he spends there is the time I do errands. In between these daily tasks, I also need to work multiple jobs to keep everything afloat. I occasionally get financial assistance from my ex but take note of the word occasional. In our world, this means whenever he wants to or whenever I beg him for
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Introducing yourself as a single mother can generate awkward responses every now and then. I’m not sure where this is exactly coming from, although some people’s inclination to sticking to conventional ways may have a say in this.
If dishwashers can do your dishes for you, why can’t someone raise a child alone? Poor comparison, I know. There’s also this bugging question: Do they feel sorry for me? If anyone’s pity comes with an enclosed check, I probably need all the pity in the world. Kidding aside, we’re telling how things are because it’s the truth, not because we advocate our lives as sob stories.
Do, in some way, single parents disrespect the sacredness of family as the basic unit of society? My life didn’t turn out as I would have wanted it to, but I know that I am where I need to be. Besides, living a decent life isn’t something that was given to me because I was privileged. I worked hard for it and I still do. No traditional values can undermine my struggles in any way.
We all have different stories and experiences. It may be totally different from others. Whatever your story is, it doesn’t change the fact that there’s nothing strong and precious than the love of a mother for her child, even if it’s a solo ride for
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