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With the steady growth in global population, everyday more number of people are moving towards cities. It is expected that world’s total urban population will double by the year 2050. Growth of urban centers, urban region geographical boundaries’ expansion, and increase in size of population including natural growth in population, migration of people from rural area to urban areas are major factors that contributes towards rapidly growing urbanization. Cities are also one of the main drivers of economic growth of country which contributes higher share of National Gross Domestic Product (GDP). More than 60% of the India’s GDP is contributed by the people living in the cities. Hence, today the world is making a global imperative for developing…show more content…
In other words, a city fully equipped with basic infrastructure to provide a decent a clean and sustainable environment and a decent quality life by making use of some smart solutions. A city that is more prepared than a simple city in order to respond to challenges is termed as Smart City. , ‘Knowledge-based city’, ‘digital city’, ‘cyber Ville’, ‘wired city’, intelligent city’, and ubiquitous city’ are some of other terms that are being used for similar concepts. Smart city and its major attributes are being shown in Figure…show more content…
It aims at accessibility to quality housing, social integration, cultural and educational facilities, tourist attraction, quality health conditions and public safety. • Smart Economy It includes productivity and entrepreneurship, flexibility in labour market, economic progression, and an overall culture of innovation. 1.3 Challenges in Developing a Smart City Singapore, Yokohama, Seoul and Barcelona are some examples of smart cities as they efficiently using ICT to deliver services to its citizens with reduce costs and enhancing their quality of life. These cities are having intelligent physical, social, economic and institutional infrastructure to improve quality and standard of life of its citizens by providing them safety and security, entertainment, cost efficient healthcare and quality of

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