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Introduction Solid waste means any garbage, refuse, sludge from a wastewater treatment plant, water supply treatment plant, or air pollution control facility and other discarded materials including solid, liquid, semi-solid, or contained gaseous material, resulting from Industrial, commercial , mining and agricultural operations, and from community activities, but does not include solid or dissolved materials in domestic sewage, or solid dissolved materials in irrigation return flows or industrial discharges that are point sources subject. Solid waste pollution is when the environment is filled with nonbiodegradable and noncompostable biodegradable wastes that are capable of emitting greenhouse gases, toxic fumes and particulate matters as…show more content…
Most industries requires large amounts of water for their work. When involved in a series of processes the water comes into contacts with heavy metals, harmful chemicals, radioactive waste and even organic sludge. These are either dumped into open ocean or rivers, or the water that has been polluted by them is released into the ground. As a results, many of our water sources have trace amounts of industrial waste in them and it seriously impacts the health of our eco-system. This water is used for irrigation, washing our food at home and sometimes recycled into drinking water. Soil pollution: Soil pollution is creating problems in agriculture…show more content…
Habitats are being lost, species are becoming extinct and it harder for the environment to recover from each natural disaster. Major Industrial accidents like oil spills, fire, leak of radioactive material and damage to property are harder to clean up, since they have a higher impact in a shorter span of time. Global warming: with rise in industrial pollution, global warming has been increasing at a steady space. Smoke and greenhouse effect and increase in global warming, melting of glaciers, and extinction of polar beers, floods, tsunamis, and hurricanes are few of the effects of global warming. 4 The picture below shows an environment that is affected with solid waste pollution: SOLLUTION WASTE REDUCTION: STOP THROWING THINGS OUT! A simple and obvious choice is to cut back on the amount of waste by using and throwing out less in the space. Let us use less packaging, packaging should be minimal. Its production should be environmentally clean and it should be made up of materials that can be reused or recycle repeatedly. Recycle by turning waste material into raw material and bear in mind that, 5 recycling works and it does, so in several ways. It reduces the monetary and environmental costs of landfilling and

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