Speech On Solitary Confinement

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I’m a prisoner 376. Do you know what is solitary confinement? I didn’t know either. Eh, I know now. Solitary confinement is one of your worst nightmares. Yes, worse than having sex with a fat orangutan. That could be quite pleasurable in comparison. It’s basically a hellish prison where prisoners are isolated in tiny cells for 22-24 hours a day and treated like animals. Pardon, worse than animals. Imagine, being trapped in darkness and surrounded by pain. This gives a clear notion of how I feel except nobody could really know before experience it. What’s for chow? You don’t ask this question, here. I’m a monster in your eyes anyway. I would not try to convince you wrong. There are four rules to follow: Rule Number 1: Stay Calm If I knew how to do it, I would not be here, you FUCKING idiots. I suppose you have nothing else to do and at some point the loneliness just crushes you on pieces. It’s not a nice feeling to be crushed. They say never give up, but they’ve never been under…show more content…
I know I would die if I don’t eat, I’m not a moron. Am, I? My piss tastes a hundred times better than this dry mixture of pig slops. Fuck my life, man. Rule Number 3: Keep track of time What? How the fuck am I supposed to keep track of time in this miserable cell. Should I count the god damn seconds until I go mad? I guess that’s the solely purpose of solitary confinement. Only a very sick bastard would come up with this idea. I would always choose to die slowly and painfully rather than living like this. I would’ve been dead a long time ago, if I didn’t have a plan. Rule Number 4: Don’t talk to Bob Who the fuck is Bob? – you would ask. Bob is their biggest nightmare. They tried to kill him, but something prevented it from happening. The something is.. Well, don’t worry about that. I would escape sooner or later and nothing could stop me. Remember my words. They know I would because I am
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