Speech On Stray Animals

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to ensure that every cat and dog owner acts in a responsible manner, there will always be some stray animals. How do we deal with them? “Humanely” is the only way that we can deal with these animals. In a way where by the cat or dog suffers the very least distress and pain is treating them decently and in a kind manner By “humanely”. People are often frightened of stray animals because they think that they carry diseases which may affect their health. Impression Stray animals give that they are ill because there are often very dirty or not taken care properly. This is because they are uncared for by a person. This fear of the stray animal encourages its ill treatment. Cruelty towards stray animals is quite common. People have a moral duty to behave kindly towards stray animals. In India, where the condition of people living on the streets is so bad, the condition of stray animals is very unlikely to be on the government’s list of priorities. So it becomes all the more important for us people to address this issue. The plight of stray animals, especially dogs, is a horrible thing in our nation. We have discussed about Zoonotic diseases in the past and stray animals could be carriers especially given the bad conditions they are in, so even for this reason we need to ensure they are not to be left in poor conditions on the street. This problem is not just in rural areas this is everywhere. The national capital itself is severely affected. In Delhi, the streets are crowed

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