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How to Catch and Surf a Wave

Have you ever experienced the thrill of catching and riding a wave?
If not, then just imagine huge tides crashing on the shore and the feeling of swimming against them. Then slowly balance on your board and at that exact moment an enormous wave heads towards you. The monstrous wave lunges over while you ride it back to the shore on your surfboard. This is a sport that many have come to love, it’s called surfing. In my opinion surfing is an extremely fun and refreshing water sport. Most importantly, loads of people love it and I am pretty sure that you will too.

Surfing is basically like snow boarding. You have to use boards in both sports, you have to balance in both and they are both fast paced sports.There are
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Although you might get injured a bit while surfing, you will have fun second to none. This is a great sport to get into, the reason being that it’s not the usual ball or track event, it’s a unique water sport with the main purpose of having a great time.

If you are going try surfing you will not reach far unless equipped appropriately. Obviously you will need a surfboard, this is the most important tool and without it you can not surf. The longboard is the longest surf board and it’s recommended for beginners. Secondly, since this is a water sport it’s evident that a wetsuit is compulsory, it’s extremely important like the surfboard because it keeps your body warm in the cold water and it helps to prevent chills and hypothermia. Next, you will also need surfboard wax which is an important and useful tool. It is applied to the top of the surfboard and this increases the foot grip and provides better balance in the water. Finally, you will also need a leash. This keeps you and your board from separating while in the water. A leash is recommended because if you fall or get caught by a wave you would want your board so that you can get back up. These are some of the must buy items that are compulsory for beginners so that they can start surfing
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