Speech On The Millennial Generation

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What is to be an adult ? Study , work and have a family is the things we can consider as the steps to be an adult ; however , what happens if economy doesn't allow you to overcome these needs or what happens if at this moment getting a job or maintaining it is one of the difficulties the generation Y is passing through .
To know exactly which is the factors affecting the millennial generation in in order to succeed in life I will tell you almost all the different factors such as economic inflation , self-willingness , and the _____ . Before we continue I will tell you everything you need to know about this generation. The generation Y is the generation or people that were born between the generation X and the generation Z. we use the term
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chamber of commerce foundation the unemployment rate for different years is higher in the generation Y than the generation X or the generation Z , generation Z in contrast of X's is that the people in this generation are still in their formative years . This is why for the sake of understanding generation Z doesn't take much information in terms of affecting the labor force this is the data present in the U.S. chamber foundation . 16 to 19 years 24.6% , 20 to 24 years 12.9% , 25 to 34 8.2% , 35 to 44 6.8% , 45 to 54 6.4% and 55+ 6.5% . According to the NET new , Hilary Karuse describes that in economy the inflation and the economic recession have an impact on generation Y and further , in her article " From boomers to X to Y " . Since the baby boomers , the economy has decreased . For example , the use of credit card in consumer without credit cards in the ages of 18 to 29 year old had also decreased because of the inflation has increased , the life's price , and every single thing in economic terms has increase . Another facts are that the student's debt has also to increase…show more content…
A huge problem that this generation has (and something I will repeat and repeat in this essay ) been that millennial tries to do everything because they like and what they use to dream . Millennial passion is something that leads them in the wrong place because they are engaging with being happy , they can't deal with the felling of boredom and routine , . So they do not have any sense of patience . Also the extra freedom they have or the freedom that the previous generation had are a problem because the students do not see each one in the future as people that tend to start from the smallest employee and then after some time they get promoted and being in a top job . One more time they want to be in their comfort zone always
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