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Just recently I read Touching Spirit Bear, it inspired me to construct my own totem pole. Before I tell you about my totem pole, I should tell you more about totem poles in general. A totem pole plays a vast part in Native American heritage. They are part of numerous indigenous people from Alaska, British Columbia, and Pacific Northwest tribes. Totem Poles serve multiple purposes beyond their beauty, and their meanings are as varied as the cultures that create them. Some totem poles represent stories, important events, friendship, death, birth, and countless other things. Totem poles have slightly different meanings, and their meanings are special for the people who assemble them. I am going to share with you what animals I would have on my…show more content…
Sloths are extremely lazy, that is why I chose them. I sometimes choose not to be that lazy, but there are days where I can be super lazy. They also like lying around, one of my favorite things to do when I awaken in the morning is to just lay around and be on my phone. Also, I like to have lazy days, but not too often in the view of the fact that they may become boring eventually. Another reason I picked a sloth is they are funny.
For the third animal, I culled a dolphin. I chose the dolphin owning to the fact that they like to be among the crowd. This means they would prefer to be with an abundance of people than by themselves. Also, dolphins are quite the social animals. I am an exceedingly social person, it takes just a little bit of time for me to warm up to someone, and when I do warm up to you I do not shut up. Also, dolphins love the water. I also love the water, my grandparents used to live on a lake so as long as I can remember I’ve been around water. I love to swim and be in the
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Monkeys are dreadfully loud like me, so that is one reason I chose it to my last animal. Also, people dread taking them anywhere in public since they are obnoxiously loud, and they devise commotions. Just like me, they become even louder when they are told to be quiet. Anytime I proceed to Billings to shop or anything like that, my sister and I are terribly loud and we cause commotions, and we either laugh until we can’t breathe or we fight. Another reason I chose the monkey, is I always laugh and act silly. There are times where I can’t breathe because of how strenuous I have been laughing, and when I start laughing it takes a long time to coerce me to stop. Finally, because monkeys are adorable, and if I were an animal I would definitely be a monkey. In conclusion, all of these animals have similar personalities as I. These animals generate a totem pole that is special to me. I made a totem pole because, I recently read the book, Touching Spirit Bear. After reading this amazing book, I was inspired to build a totem pole, and write about it. Totem poles have been around for an exceptionally long time, they are an immense part of Native American culture. They serve multitudinous purposes they don’t just tell a story, or show what a person is like. All in all, I am majorly grateful for you reading about my totem
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