Argumentative Essay On Non Vegetarianism

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what is so big deal a vegetarian will face in a country having most number of vegetarians in the whole world?
“A lot”
Starting from your friend telling you what you are missing on how good chicken tastes to the people who do not even know you but give unsolicited advices just because they can.
I am a vegetarian since birth; no one in my family eats meat products. Hence the concept of vegetarianism was cultivated in me. Being said as the years go by I had many encounters or to say chances to eat whatever I liked (advantage of being grown up). But i could not entertain the idea of non vegetarianism.
It’s not because my caste or family or religion dictates me so, rather it’s because i feel appalled by the notion of killing an animal for our culinary cravings. I am quite
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Do not I sound stupid? Yes and I feel the same when these people as these kind of questions. It’s my choice and I want it to be that way. Everyone has a threshold of revulsion for many things.
Why am writing this blog? To debate? No! Absolutely not! I just want to tell people how it hurts if someone talks so much nonsense and make it look like a joke or it’s just nothing. I never told a friend or any one not to eat meat because I know it’s their choice as its mine not to eat. If I start to make fun of it I know how it will turn out.
So what triggered me are the events that I have been through. One day I went to a mall where I ordered a veg Frankie (roll). The guys who prepare it used the same spoon for veg and non veg. I was deeply shocked to see that and I questioned it. Instead of him rectifying the same he made fun of it claiming that there is nothing in the world called pure veg and I will get the same food where ever I go like this. His mocking expression and the stupidity in his answer triggered my nerves. And yes it’s not some road side stall; it’s a stall from one of the huge Corporate Malls in
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