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Hello, guys. It is my first so long article which has been written especially for you! I know that many people are searching that kind of info and it is one of my favorite sports topic, that’s why I decided to write it to make every searching mind full of knowledge about Vertical Jump.
Okay, so let’s begin. The first, and one of the most important question is “what the hell is Vertical Jump”. Well, Vertical Jump is a heigh between your maximum range and the floor. Usually it is measured in inches, but you can also do it in cm (more popular in the Europe). Typical result for non-training person is 21 inches or 55 centimeters.
Vertical Jump is very usefull in many sport disciplines such as Basketball, Voleyball, or even in Football. With high Vertical Jump you don’t have any problems with playing with opponents like a kids because you jump much higher than they ever do. I strongly encourage people to practise exercises improving their vertical jump because it is one of the most valuable asset in all kind of sports, as I said before.
World records of Vertical Jump
Spud Webb
Despite being one of the shortest players in NBA history (5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)), spud webb vertical jump was officially recorded at 42 inches.
Lebron James Vertical Jump:
Lebron James has a vertical jump of 44 inches. Just a few inches away from Jordan’s 48 inches; but it is just as impressive as Jordan’s. James has played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat
Michael Jordan:
Throughout his

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