Speech On Water Pollution

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In the recent few decades, India has seen the large-scale urbanization, industrialisation and technological development. The industrial revolution resulted in an improving lifestyle, raising the standard of living of people, but also resulted in an indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources. Human activities have put a considerable pressure on the availability of basic human necessities such as clean water and air. Waste water from various industries, municipal corporations, urban and rural runoff, coupled with the increasing use of various chemicals, surfactants, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides in agriculture and the decomposition of vegetable and animal matter discharge varying amounts of these and other chemicals into ground and surface water, making it unfit for human and animal consumption. Studies have shown many industries are discharging their waste into the rivers. This is attaining hazardous conditions, especially in big cities where the population is large, the demand for water is very high, and industries are developing at a faster rate. Some of the organic and inorganic compounds, when present in water are toxic, carcinogenic and mutagenic, and cause several ailments in humans. Pollution in general and water pollution in particular has attracted the attention of scientific workers the world over. Among the inorganic contaminants of the river water, heavy metals are getting importance for their non-degradable nature and often accumulate through

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