Speech On Winston Churchill

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¨History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.¨ This is a quote said by Winston Churchill who had definitely lived up his saying. Winston Churchill was thought by many that his war tactics were bad, that his views on certain situations were wrong, and that by giving his speeches were a sign of weakness. However, Winston Churchill had won World War II as prime minister, and had become a widely known politician for Britain. As well as his speeches were thought by many to be some of the best speeches ever written. Winston Churchill should get more praise for what he is doing, because he was an outstanding politician, wrote incredible speeches, and became prime minister for Britain and Won World war II. To start off with, Churchill was a very political man, and many of his successes in life had came from being part of British politics. Many people thought that once Churchill switched his view from conservative to liberal, that was disloyal and opportunistic. Churchill 's role in the political community was one of the many reasons in which how he had made an impact on our world today. Winston Churchill was known for a few major changes during his time. Found on, he was involved in some of Britain 's change around the 1910s. Towards Churchill 's early stages, he became a part of the cabinet as President of the Board of Trade. During this time he purposed and came up with the idea of the first minimum wage system in Britain. Another accomplishment of
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