Speech On Xenophobia

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Have you ever been hostile towards, feared or distrusted people of other cultures, regions, religions or colour, that is, in all, been belligerent towards people who are foreign? Have you laughed or found humour in the prejudiced or abusive comments passed on foreign people? Well, then you suffer from an uncured and fatal disease-Xenophobia! According to the dictionary definition, Xenophobia is the unreasonable fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners or of that which is strange or foreign. It is a combination of the word ‘xeno’ (foreigner) – which originated in Greece and ‘phobia’ (fear). But is it really “unreasonable”? Is it possible that people have been given enough reasons to fear their own kind? “This is India not China”- T. Michael Haokip, (Manipuri, victim of Xenophobia). He echoes the voice of victims worldwide who are forced to work and live in dehumanizing conditions. Xenophobia today is the most widespread mass ideology in the world. But where does this hatred against our own kin come from? India, which is known for its cultural diversity, racial tolerance, secular and democratic nature, feeds on Xenophobia. The unabating Hindu-Muslim division, Indian caste-system which is a potential cause of naxalism in India, attacks against Bihari and Uttar Pradeshi migrants in Maharashtra, renaming cities (Bangalore to Bengaluru, Mysore to Mysuru), states (West Bengal to Paschim Bangla,
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