Speech On Youth In Pakistan

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It is a bleak and bare fact that Pakistan has buckled down into the depth of dark oceans that many communal issues correlated with it like crime, misconduct, poverty, unemployment, terrorism, illiteracy, corruption and energy crises. These evils are harmful and are hurdle in the road to success for making an amplified and embellish country. The first step in achieving a successful country depends on how much it means to the leaders and its nation. Indeed every country is not perfect. For a long time government being unsuccessful in reinstate tranquility and composure. Sometimes I wonder: Is the government merely responsible for this tumultuous and messy condition? In my point of view youth is the only best asset to its country who can conquer all the problems cling to Pakistan for this purpose our youth demand self-security and hopes for ample opportunities i-e good education, employment, healthy life and peaceful environment. Developed countries serve to the needs of youth. A lot more awareness and consciousness is needed to spread around that’s included honesty, truthfulness among people and true love for the country is needed. Educated people should give a chance to govern and lead a nation. There must be consistent education system too. Private institutions must not be the group of charter. Free education should be provided at primary level so that literacy could be diminished. No effort has been done by any individual or association to conflict all these horrible

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