Scientology Persuasive Speech Analysis

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Good evening teachers, students and anyone else who may be watching my presentation.
Scientology… haven’t heard it before? Don’t blame you, I didn’t know what it was until I started this speech. Scientology is somewhat like Todd Strasser novella “the Wave”. It has some similarities… however it also has some differences.
The term “fascist mentality” is used to describe abusive behaviour by an individual or group. People blindly follow a leader without regard to whether he or she is right or wrong. People usually give up their individual rights in the process of behaving like the group in this case. This can be seen in both the novella “The wave”, and ‘Scientology’.
The wave is based on a true story and had started simply as a history experiment whilst learning World War II. However, Laurie Saudner’s sees her classmates quickly changing into a new organisation called the wave. The history teacher Mr, Ross, had his students follow his orders and having the students to follow the ‘wave’s’ motto and salute. “Strength through discipline, strength through community, strength through action
Mr Ross was one of the main antagonist as the leader of the wave. His
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A 25-year-old woman from Sydney was charged with murdering her father and sister and seriously injuring her mother. The parents of the woman prevented her from seeking psychiatric treatment she needed because of their Scientology beliefs. This can be related back to the novella, as people who didn’t follow the waves structure was shamed and was either removed from the party or beaten up. To be apart of scientology, you must pay $800 per hour for a so called, ‘therapy’. These expensive sessions can last a minimum of two and a half hours each. As seen in the documentary and novella, if you leave the ‘Wave’ you are shamed upon, threatened and even beaten up. There are no consequences if you leave
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