The Godfather Geek Research Paper

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1. The Godfather Geek [1-10]
You’re the lucky gem! When there is an outbreak in your team, when something goes wrong, you will fix it fast and in a way that won’t break again. But unfortunately, others will have to hear your long stories about how you came up with the idea to debug the entire 1000 line code in one night. And sometimes this attitude of yours makes everyone ignore you, and only call you help at the time of need! Compatible with: Happy-Go-Lucky Geek, Altruist Geek, The freaked out geek! Internet Geek, Practical geek 2. The Perfectionist Geek [11-20]
You’re the foundation of your team. When something goes wrong in your code you’ll fix it fast, and of course you don’t give a damn about what others say! You posses a lot of self doubt and if someone criticizes you, you make sure they will regret that day forever! On the other hand, you have absolutely no problems pointing out
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The Altruist Geek[51-60]
You’re the GO-TO guy/girl that everyone relies on to get their job done.You’re super reliable and wise. Maybe lacking in some imagination because they are realists. Being goal oriented, others always wonder what makes you motivated every time. You’re very good at starting projects and seeing them all the way through to the end.

Compatible with: Freaked out geek, Martyr Geek, Internet geek 7. The freaked out geek! [61-70]
You’re a huge ball of confusion. Mistrust, depression, pessimism, demanding, dependent is the words that define you. Just about every time someone hears you talking they will be hearing mostly complaints. All you want is to be viewed as the “the person NOBODY can ever help. You need and require a lot of affection, although you rarely ever get it. You always run to someone the moment you asked to handle a task, as there is a high chance of you breaking down in the first ten minutes of your work.

Compatible with: The godfather geek, Happy-go-lucky geek, the Altruist geek, The internet geek

8. The Practical Geek
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