Speech: The Ozone Layer

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The Ozone layer

The Ozone"Earth’s Natural Sun block"
• Introduction
The ozone is a crucial layer that surrounds our planet (the earth), and keeps us alive. It is known as the earth 's natural sunscreen. It blocks the devastating U.V radiation and prevents them from reaching distances beyond the mesosphere layer, whereas if the U.V made its way to the earth, it may result in deadly effects. In this report the history, structure and the effects of the industrial and human interference with this spectacular layer will be discussed.
• History of the ozone layer:
-It was first discovered by the French physicists Charles Fabry and Henri Buisson in 1913.
-Its properties were then discovered in detail by the British meteorologist G.M.B.Dobson, who
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• Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent and has its industrial uses related to oxidation. However, the high oxidizing power causes severe damages to the mucous and respiratory tissues in animals, and also tissues in plants, when its concentration is above 100 ppb.

• Physical properties:
• Ozone is one of the most constructive gases that serves to protect all the earth living organisms (plants, animals and humans) from the damaging effects of the ultraviolet radiation of the sun light. It succeeded to do that by the ability of absorbing the radiation in the UV region of the electromagnetic radiation with the wave length (220-290 nm), thus it prevents the harmful UV radiation from reaching the earth.
• Ozone color change with the change of the physical state , its color is blue and pale in the gaseous state , deep blue in the liquid state and violet to black in the solid state (crystals).
• The inorganic molecule that is defined as an allotrope of the O2 with the chemical formula O3, is more reactive (less stable) than the dioxide O2, thereby it is used in many applications.
• Ozone has a distinct strong smell which can be detected by many people even at the low concentration .Inhaling it cause people to have
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• Ozone applications:
Due to the high oxidizing potential (powerful oxidant) Ozone O3 is used in many applications including the industrial applications.
• Ozone cleansing (disinfection): Ozone is a strong oxidant which surpasses many other commonly used chemicals such as the Cl2, HCl and H2O2 .As a result this beneficial gas is used widely to kill bacteria and other harmful substances. In addition, it does not leave any residue when it is converted to O2.
• Water purification: it has a high ability to kill the pathogens and microbes such as the viruses (E-coli -an example), bacteria and many others that affects the humans health.
• Treating spas and pools: it helps to prepare a clear safe, odorless water and free from chemicals. Although chlorine is still widely used, people should bear in mind its bad effects on health (hair, skin, and eye) and on the bathing clothes.
• Processing the wastewater: in which the water is treated using the powerful ozone gas (O3) and other chemicals to be recycled into the pure useful

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