Speech Therapy Assistant Research Paper

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I have a wealth of experience and knowledge that make me a highly qualified candidate. I have worked for over twenty years as a speech therapy assistant, and began working in the schools a few years ago. Since working in the schools, I decided that I want to become a teacher. I have become recently certified through ABCTE for Elementary Education and Special Education, and I am waiting to receive my Idaho license. The last two years I have worked in the schools as a speech therapy assistant. I have worked with 80 to 100 students per week grades K-12. In these jobs I have created differentiated daily lesson plans for individuals and groups. Therapy has consisted of language delays, articulation disorders, dysfluency, and pragmatics. I…show more content…
For over twenty years I taught speech therapy from pediatric to geriatric patients. I worked with to name a few strokes, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, assistive technology, and congenital disorders. I also was able to work with technology readily as I trained, built, and maintained the hospital electronic medical record. Prior to this over twenty years ago I student taught in speech therapy in Toppenish, Washington. I learned how to teach the techniques that I learned at Washington State University. I taught students daily in speech therapy, assisted in assessments, aided in IEPs. It was awesome to see the progress of these students over time. This was the start to my enormous amount of experience with expressive and receptive language development, and learning disabilities. Education is ever evolving field, and due to this I have stayed current with my CEU’s. I am willing to get further education to stay current with teaching techniques, and for any job requirements. I have always hit the ground running at all my jobs, and am not shy to ask questions when needed. I believe that I am highly qualified, and I know I want to teach
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