General Patton: A True Hero

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When going to war it is in everyone’s mind to get scared. It doesn’t matter, either men or women, everyone has a right to get scared whenever they hear that they are going to war. However, General Patton gave his soldiers confidence by giving a speech in front of all the soldiers about what will happen at war. Hope to go forward and reach personal conquests exists in every man, and this often navigates the hero into a state of tragedy involving suffering. World war two was the most vicious war in history. It began in 1939 as a European conflict between Germany and others, but eventually included most of the nations of the world. Patton was born in November 11, 1885 in California. He always dreamt of being a hero since young age, because when he grew up, he listened to his ancestors’ stories of how they fought in many battles. Patton was given command of the Third United States Army, and his job was to train the Third Army to prepare for the upcoming Allied invasion of France. He believed in hard work and a tough mental state of mind from his men. Moreover, he expected them to be physically fit and be able to handle themselves through the toughest conditions. By helping with his tactical mind along with his great speech, Patton was the best General the U.S. Government has ever had. In his…show more content…
General Patton said “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. You won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country” (2015, p.3).Not only did he give them hope, but also, he encouraged them to not be afraid of the war they were going to fight. Moreover, Patton motivated his men, he was a great leader that led the soldiers to win the world war two, and he was also, a great
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