Whose Kid Did You Let Down Today Analysis

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Whose Kid Did You Let Down Today? Hurtful words I know and quite a powerful statement... I think what you felt when you read those words may be what is felt by the many kids that are addressed by a faculty member in a similar way. How often have you or another staff member asked a student, “Already in trouble?” or “In the Dean’s office, what did you do?” and similar questions? Yes they may be little jokes or a way to connect with a student but they are very damaging for a kid to hear. It seems more like a branding or a way to humiliate a kid in front of his peers than a connector. No one would ever deny that your life’s career and maybe passion is to influence young people in education... You have probably reached many students during your time and have proven successes. I would just like to speak up for a minority of students at ghs that is lost. They are lost…show more content…
I also know that it is ok to like kids that you know are really great. I know that all educators constantly make changes to improve the lives of their students. So now I am asking for one more change, a change that is simple but not easy but could cause and astounding change for so many. All I am asking you to do is to stop asking students, “What did you do this time?” Assume that all students are in the right and if they aren’t work towards resolution and not humiliation. Let them know that .you don’t have to fit in “somewhere” to fit in at your own high school. Don’t us sarcasm, humiliation or embarrassment. Let’s all go back to the Golden Rule. So how about it? How about making the one little change that would be so great for all? How about not ever asking a student (no matter what they have done), “What did you do this time? How about you even try to assume the positive in every situation with students and think past whatever draws you to those snap

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