Short Essay On Happy Birthdays

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Once a year you get reminded of the day you came to the world, and also celebrate everything new you have achieved this year.
People would get you presents and gifts just for surviving another year in this world, no better encouragement than this, right!
People celebrate their birthdays differently, everyone has their own way. Some would throw a celebration party and others would rather going to a concert with their friends, and some others just want to have a calm day that would end with a nice dinner with their favorite cupcake flavor and just watch a movie with their loved one.

No birthday is even more special to a woman more than her husband 's, the man who ignored the beauty of all the women in this world and decided to just settle with spending
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Happy birthday, sweetie.

2- I will never stop trying to show you how much I love you even when you are sure of it. Happy birthday, honey.

3- I am so lucky to see your face every day when I wake up. Happy birthday, cutie.

4- I promise to never make you regret falling in love with me. Happy birthday, babe.

5- Thanks for choosing me to be stuck with for the rest of your life. Happy birthday, babe.

6- I love you so much even more than my fancy cloth. Happy birthday, babe.

7- I only want to love you for the rest of my life. Happy birthday, honey.

8- You are such a classical piece of art and I know just how to take care of such a masterpiece like you. Happy birthday, boo.

9- No matter how hot and heavy or cold and empty it gets... I will always love you throughout all of the seasons. Happy birthday, babe.

10- I cannot believe I found my other half and I was lucky enough to be able to spend the rest of my days with. Happy birthday, love.

11- If you ever feel alone, I will always be there holding your hand until you feel safe. Happy birthday,

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