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I am here today to present to you a proposal l have came up with. I would like to change the start time of the Central Dauphin district schools. Students right now have to be in class by 7:45 because we all have to get to class at that time. We would like to change that to have the bell ring at 8:30.
Imagine be able to do this every day… You wake up at 7:30a.m. falling out of bed tired. You were up late the night before due to hours of homework your lacrosse game that was an hour away. Your eyes are fluttering shut as you brush your teeth.
Your eyes are barely open and your hands are struggling to even get dressed. You rush out of the house,get some food, and eat it while you drive to pick up your neighbor that lives down the street.
After you pick up your neighbor you head down nyes road because it faster and easier. Because you 're tired, you 're not focused on the road completely. You slowly start to drift off and your body leans to the left dragging your hand on the wheel with you. Crossing into the oncoming traffic, and hitting a car carrying a father and two kids.
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you killed three children, and your neighbor and yourself in crucial conditions.
So, if school started later the chances of sleep deprived car accidents would decrease. And now we will be presenting to you real life occurrences from sleep deprived students. As of right now, 100,000 car accidents from sleep deprivation occur every year according to the SleepFoundation.org Now the strengths of our position include ,Not only will this help prevent car accidents, later start times improve better grades and overall health (according to University of Minnesota)
A three year research project using data from more than 9000 students attending more than 8 schools in 3 states shows a rise in school attendance, test scores, and academic performance improved in math, english, science, and social studies with later start
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