Spellbound Movie Analysis

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Spellbound follows a female psychiatrist named Dr. Constance Peterson at a mental hospital who is considered by her fellow doctors as one of the best. When Dr. Anthony Edwardes arrives at a that hospital to replace the outgoing hospital director, he begins to behave very strangely, and soon Constance discovers that he is not who he claims to be. He is actually an impostor, suffering from a serious case of amnesia. His real name is John Ballantyne, and all of the circumstantial evidence indicates that he was the patient of the missing Dr. Edwardes and maybe he is the murderer. Constance and John fall in love, and she is convinced that her lover is innocent. The next day he escapes, carefully before the arrival of the police. Constance decides to follow him, help recover his memory and solve the mystery of what happened to the real Dr. Edwardes. When Constance first meets John, she thinks he is Dr. Edwardes. But she does not fall in love with Dr. Edwardes, her expressions and behavior show that she is attracted to the guy who came there. In that scene, when she sees him, the camera is instantly focused on her expressions. Her…show more content…
So, she takes him to her mentor Dr. Brulov who looks and acts exactly like his character is supposed to. There was a scene of John sleep walking and approaching Brulov with a straight razor, and Brulov was able to calm him down with a glass of milk in which he put a pill to make him sleep. The scene is showed from John’s perspective as the glass is brought to the front of the camera and the milk slowly disappears. And we do not see what happens next. The music that came with it was scary. It was precise with that scene and gave us a sign that something bad was about to happen. In that same scene, I thought that Brulov had died. I was not expecting that twist in the movie. The dramatic music and tension was perfectly captured through camera and well
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