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Both texts have a very tendentious opinion on the views of English spelling, but their opinions are very different.
Text 1 ”Proper spelling? Its Tyme to Let Luce”, an article from WIRED website, written by Anne Trubek, published January 31, 2012 claims that the incorrect grammar in English spelling is just a part of the evolution and should not be changed(Text 1, ll.49-54). She thinks that it would be great if we lose our idea of correct spelling, and it is just a fairly recent invention (text 1, ll.33-35). Therefore she thinks that we have to delete all grammar permissions and instead just let ourselves decide how we want to spell (text 1, ll.44-45). Furthermore she also thinks the spelling is a part of the technology evolution and we have
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He totally agree with the English spelling is a terrible mess, but thinks that there must be some rules so we can be able to understand what we read, without having to stop over incorrect spelling(text 2, ll.1-4). Anyway he says that he could not careless about spelling in text messages (text 2, ll.42-53), but that professional news sites should not be able to spell words in any way they want (text 2, ll.73-76). Therefore he thinks that the government should not just feel free to play with the language and there must be some rules to follow (Text 2, ll.73-84).
Text 2 is against incorrect grammar and the evolution in English spelling, therefore the text does not contain any form of slang, alternative spelling and incorrect grammar and therefore the text is written language. Text 2, include a lot of negative sentences, because most of the text is about the fact that contradict text 1(text 2, ll.24-31). This makes the style and tone negative, but the tone is in the same way also a bit funny because there are a lot of sarcastic
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This would be more possible to change but on the other hand it would maybe confuse some old and young people, and create even more incorrect grammar because the spelling norms have been the same since 1953(Text 3, ll.5-8).
Any way we must agree with text 1, in that we need to follow the evolution and with the whole world changing by new technologies, the spelling must as well.
But in a world with everything changing, would it not be nice to have anything that never changes?
I think it would. In our lives we have to feel certain about some thinks, and one of them have to be your spelling and language. As text 2 says, English is a bitch to learn but once you master the core vocabulary, it’s pretty much automatic (Text 2, ll.130-135). Therefore I do not think that we should change the spelling norms because when you first master it, its pretty easy. In the same way it would also affect the whole world if the spelling norms where changed, because it is an international language that are spoken over the entire
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