Spencer Carbine Rifle Essay

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Spencer Carbine (Gallery 2)
Over half a million soldiers, black and white, lost their lives in one of the bloodiest wars America had ever seen. There were a multitude of causes that lead to the beginning of the Civil War. States governments and federal governments clashed on their ideas of states and the issue of slavery. The deadliest firearms used in the military compact of the civil war were the Springfield Model, Henry Repeating Rifle, LeMAt Pistol, Twelve Pounder “Napoleon” Gun, and Gatling Gun. During the Civil War many weapons were used, such as the Spencer Carbine rifle. The Spencer Carbine rifle in the Lincoln Museum has a direct connection to the Union’s military success in the war and a metaphorical connection to the Lincoln
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The Spencer Carbon rifle is a long, brown, “seven metallic rimfire cartridges,” made of wood and metal, (“Carbine”). The “Spencer Repeating Rifle Co Boston

Mass Pat’d” was where it was made, (“Carbine”). The Spencer Carbine rifle came from north, who were better industrialized and wealthier to make the rifles. The Carbine rifle was made in 1860, but was not issued to be used until 1863, which was towards the end of the Civil War. The Spencer Carbine Rifle stroke my interest because there is lots of discourse on gun control laws in America and being curious about the previous implications and impacts guns had on society historically, also my family has many guns used for sport like
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President Lincoln being elected for president was one of the main impacts of the Civil War. He made many impacts as well during the war. President Lincoln declared the Emancipation Proclamation January 1,1863 after the Union won the Battle of Antietam. The Emancipation Proclamation was the act of taking away properties of the rebellions of the state. This act was a turning point in the war. The Civil War was now about to save the Union and end slavery. Then it did just that. Lincoln also thought that by saving the Union was just the start of not only equality for slaves, but equality for women, so everyone would be treated equal and be able to vote like
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