Spencer O Doodle: A Short Story

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Spencer O’ Doodle I walked out of my small apartment, into the chilly, polluted morning air, down the long cracked sidewalk, into my boring job. Alone. “What’s up Spencer?” asked a coworker as I walked past his desk. Your cholesterol, I thought in my head. I actually just half smiled and said, “Nothing much, I’m doing great.” I could tell that he knew I was lying, but I just snickered away, and he continued eating his chocolate donut. I work at city hall as a city council representative. Work usually sucks, but the other day was even worse than usual. This annoying, but determined lady, came in rambling on and on about taking the garbage out of this abandoned lot, and she brought some of it with her! The only reason we decided to go through…show more content…
I remember it perfectly, it was an averagely hot, humid day in the end of the school year. We took a bus out to a big plantation. There almost 1000 acres of thriving plants of all shapes and sizes. We took a tractor ride out a little ways to look at the corn growing. But when we went to get back in the tractor, my brother was gone. We searched and searched for him, but he was never -found, even when they cut the stalks down for the winter. I got less and less hopeful of his return as I got older. By the time I was twenty, I just assumed the big corn chopper cut him down, I 've never been to a farm since. I decided I was being stupid and that it was silly to not want to have a farm or garden. So I faced my fears and the next week I got some cucumber seeds and started planting. The next day I went to check on them, and guess who was in the plot next to me? The lady from the meeting! I guess her name is Leona, “look who it is” she exclaimed in a sarcastic tone. I smiled and started planting. I don’t think she really liked me. She could sense didn’t really want to make conversation but she still made small talk with me anyway. Most of the time I just listened, but I liked it that way. I think she did
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