Spending Taxpayer Money In Space Exploration

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Should we spend taxpayer money to invest in the space program?
The space program is a program to pioneer the future in space exploration. The program has consumed about 18.4 billion dollars on trying to explore the barren and empty place they call space. This money that 's used on this space exploration comes from our taxpayers. The money coming from taxpayers should not be spent on the space program’s progress in space exploration. The money should be spent on something more realistic for the future generations. They could spend the money on saving the earth’s problems instead of looking for another planet. Also,instead of trying to explore space,the money could go to exploring the oceans. Only five percent of the ocean has be explored. Exploring the ocean could help people understand Earth better to. …show more content…

Just none in the space exploration industrie. With more money going to the ocean exploration and technology advancements the human race could become a more advanced civilization than it currently is. Also the military could use the money for better equipment. They could research more advanced weapons to protect the country borders.
The money could also go into creating a machine the can cleanse the pollution and it could work on some advanced solar power panels. Exploring space also has a lot of casualties. Exploring the ocean would have some too,but less than space.Also,instead of spending money on space exploration,that money could be used to help the people that don 't have homes or are to poor to afford

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