Spent Game Reflection

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Spent is a game designed by Jenny Nicholson aimed at giving players an insight on what it is like to live below the poverty line in America. After accepting the challenge the game presents you with daily financial challenges which you are expected to solve with the choices availed. The choices provided did not feel as much and there was a constant feeling of depression brought about by the financial hardships one experienced throughout the game. I felt that I worked so hard in the game but I never was able to catch up with my spending. I could not help but feel empathy for all the people living below the poverty line and go through those scenarios month after month. I cannot help but wonder how long I would survive without drowning in debt as at the end of the game I had only $211 and was unemployed.…show more content…
I opted for the cheaper Bronze Affordable Act which still felt expensive, I would have preferred a better cover but I could not afford it. I also applied for food stamps as they would reduce the amount of money I spent on grocery. Such a program has improved the quality of life for the poor and has ensured that millions of families experiencing food security have food on the table (Burger, 2017, p. 65). In the game, I experienced frustration and endless battle of whether to do the right thing or just survive, every choice I made was highly influenced by money despite the consequences. For example, I broke a vase a vase at work and hid the evidence because I could not afford to pay it. I had to miss my child’s school play so that I can make an extra $50 by helping a neighbour move. At the end of the month I damaged a parked car and drove away, I felt bad about it but I simply did not have the money to pay for
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