Sperm Donation Persuasive Speech

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In this modern era, thanks to the advent of the technology, events that once had been the dreams and fantasy of the people of the olden days are occurring on a daily or even on an hourly basis. One example of this is sperm donation, a medical practice where a future parent selects a donated sperm from the sperm banks for insemination in order to conceive a child. This practice quickly gained support from the society, as they claim the practice to be highly beneficial towards the growth of the society. Sperm donation allows couples with health complications to have their long wanted child, allows the delivery of an infant without any genetic defects or diseases, and allows children conceived through this method undergo the same childhood as…show more content…
But sadly, in reality this process is not infallible as the screening of the sperms is not a mandatory process. There are numerous cases across United States alone, where ‘children conceived with donated sperm are struggling with serious genetic conditions inherited from men they have never met’. (Mroz, 2012) And as the donor’s sperm could be used for multiple insemination, this would increase the likelihood of a conceived infant to be affiliated with a genetic disease. Not only that, but sperm donation itself is an unnatural and an artificial process that defies the natural order. This aberrant practice is nothing but a man-made process which is relatively new and thus, even with the advancement of technology, there’s no guarantee the process would be able to produce the expected results all the time. Besides, other alternatives such as IVF method is a more natural and safer approach. Thus, there’s no reason to insist on going through the process of sperm donation when other better alternatives
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